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12/8/2014 In Which ShelbyPooh Goes Christmas Caroling with the Youth in Her Ward

Well everyone.... This next week is transfer week! :) I'm not worried though! I get to stay in SUWANEE!!! :D :D Yay!!! Haha I'm so glad I'm still a trainee cuz that means I get to stay in this area for another transfer! And who knows... maybe I'll stay here after this next transfer too :) there are some sisters who have been called as trainers right after their first 3 months so... we'll see I guess ;) Haha but how was everyone's Thanksgiving?! I hope it was great and I hope that now everyone has all of their Christmas stuff up!!! Bring on Christmas!! :D I hope you have all checked out the He Is The Gift video too on cuz if you haven't GO LOOK IT UP!!!! It's incredible. Gives me chills every time. But anyway. :) 

Monday night we visited a recent convert named Loralea and her family and conversion story is the greatest! She is darling and we did a little FHE with them :) Then Tuesday we had district meeting and like I mentioned before, everyone in the district didn't really do well with that one goal we had made :/ but that's okay! We know that in the Lord's time and as long as we keep the faith that He will give us those 16 investigators! Then we tracted and went to go follow-up on some potentials we met tracting the previous week. But no luck. :( So then we did a member stop-in and even got dinner from that! Ha cuz we didn't have a dinner that night but the member we visited offered to have us over so that was good! Then we did a role-play with another family in the ward that night! I am definitely appreciating role-plays more because they really have helped and prepared me for actual lessons! 

Wednesday morning we did service for an older lady who's husband passed away in October :( She was a "referral" I guess from a non-member but she didn't want to be taught to or didn't want us to share anything with her. But she is still grieving and we offered to still help clean out her husband's old things because it was really hard for her to do that. so we helped her and she was really sweet and we got to know her and we even sang Christmas songs for her! She really appreciated the help and we offered to come back again to help her because we felt bad for her :/ But we also had choir practice that morning!! :D Ohhhhh how I'm so so happy that we have a mission choir haha we are singing for our mission Christmas party/devotional thing. But I missed singing choral music, it was a blast and I'm excited for more!! Anyway so then we did more former investigator follow-ups/stop-ins, trying to see if we could get a new investigator from the formers. And then just tract that area that we go visit but we still haven't gotten any real potentials :/ It's been rough haha But then that night we joined Mutual and went caroling with all the youth at a rest home! :) It was so fun! I love singing and I love how I have so many opportunities to sing here on the mission! It was good to bond with the youth in the ward too! 

Thursday we volunteered at the food bank again of course! :) but this time we took a member and her daughter with us cuz they were interested and wanted to come! So it was fun having them there too, all we did was sort rice into other little bags ;) ha Then again we tried to visit some formers and tracted! That's basically what we've done this whole week cuz we're lacking in people to teach and the people we are teaching can only meet certain days or have been canceling on us :P haha it's getting frustrating but we know someone is out there somewhere who is prepared to hear the gospel!! :) But speaking of which we had a lesson with the young married couple, Maddie and Joel, and we had a lesson over at a members house. It was kind of last minute but it worked out and the member's who are the Paxton's were so welcoming to them. Brother Paxton is sooooo wise and really helped us with the lesson. We were focusing a lot on the Godhead because that's something that they have a problem with, having a baptist background. I'll have to explain more about Maddie and Joel in next weeks email hopefully but basically having the lessons over at the Paxton's helped so much because we all bore testimony and the spirit was SO strong! Yet they still have some concerns that we still need to address and try to get them to understand. They are a tough couple to teach! Very into their bible and ask a lot of deep questions! But the lesson was very good! And they keep wanting to meet with us so it just takes a lot of time and effort with them. Me and Sister Perrins always feel spiritually exhausted after teaching them haha 

Friday was kinda same old same old. We tracted, had lunch, tracted, had dinner, then visited a less-active woman named Kendall who is 30 but not married and is sooooo funny and cute! I enjoyed visiting with her :) Then on Saturday we tried to stop in again on a couple of potential investigators and we had a set time and lesson planned actually with this other couple but when we got there, they "forgot" and said they didn't have time. Then the other one we visited told us to tell her a little background of the Church on her doorstep so we told her the Restoration and then very nicely she told us she's not interested and not to come back. Haha soooo.... that didn't work out either. But then at 3:00pm we had a baptism to go to! It was Lukas Nilsson's baptism, the brother of Lena and Helene! He finally decided to get baptized and it was a great day for their family! Now they are working towards the temple :) SO COOL!! We love this family! After that, to make good use of our time before the ward Christmas party that night, we tracted. Haha and we actually gave a lot of people the He Is the Gift pass along cards and talked to a lot of people! So after we felt spiritually high for the christmas party! ;) We got all festive and everyone loved it! All three of our investigators even came to the party which was awesome! So we ate and had a great night :) 

Then sunday was typical as well except last night was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and we could only watch it with an investigator, recent convert, or less active member and so one of our investigators Monica invited us over to watch it with her Aunt who is a member and her daughters! It was a great devotional :) Well everyone I know my emails are probably confusing and I don't give much detail about some families and our investigators so I apologize. Ha I will try better to explain more! But the work is going great in Suwanee, we just gotta keep on trying to find those that are prepared! I hope everyone has a good week and is safe because I'm guessing the snow will be coming if it hasn't already! ;) Try to share the He is the Gift message too with others, it will bring in the true spirit and meaning of Christmas :) Thanks for everyone's support and love! Love you all! Until next week

Love, Sister Davenport

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