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12/15/2014 In Which ShelbyPooh Goes to the Atlanta Temple

Hey y'all guess what?! 2 months down today! :D Haha time is flying it's crazy! I know I'm supposed to talk about week 6 but lemme just tell you.... I am SOOOOO excited for this week!!! Cuz guess what again?!! I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ON THURSDAY!!! HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!! :D :D :D I'm am so excited to go to the Atlanta Temple, it will be the best day and gift ever! Then we have our mission Christmas party/devotional that night as well! So it's gonna be a good day :) And HELLO Christmas is in like... 2 weeks! That's crazy!! I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas carols, lights, family time, wonderful spirit, and hopefully the snow soon :) Also I have to mention that I went to Jimmy Johns this week with a member for dinner too!!!! :) I haven't been there since I stopped working there haha but it tasted so good and I'm pretty sure I impressed the people working there cuz I knew everything ;) Sister Perrins liked it too for her first time trying it!

So Monday after P-day was over we went out to dinner with some members at a place called Your Pie! and it's like a Subway but for pizza and it was really good and personal sized :) And then we went over to our investigator's house, Monica, for a little birthday party for her daughter Maddie. She has three daughters and a son but her son doesn't live with her. Her girls are so cute though! Hannah is 17, Maddie is 8 and will get baptized with Monica when she does, and Olivia is 2! Monica surprised us though because we had tried to have a lesson with her on Sunday night but she cancelled at the last minute. Which wasn't surprising because she's been doing that soooo much lately and we didn't think we were ever going to get in a lesson with her. But Monday night at the party she asked us, "when are you guys available again? I want to have a lesson tomorrow night, would that work?" Me and sister Perrins were shocked but so grateful because we hope that she'll now recognize the importance and want to get baptized soon!!!

So Tuesday we had zone meeting and then we tracted a little after that and then went over to the Nilsson family's house to help sis. Nilsson set up Christmas stuff! She has been so sick lately and taken many trips to the emergency room and so we told her we'd come by to help her with stuff! So we helped decorate their Christmas tree with the kids! :) It was so fun! Then we were helping out Sister Johnson with a song she was singing on Sunday for YW for their special Christmas lesson. She wanted Sister Perrins to play it on the piano and me and her sing a duet. so we rehearsed it but it was quite a tough song so we ended up asking another member to play it and sister Perrins was singing the melody with Sister Johnson and I was singing the harmony. It's called Wise Men Still Seek Him. IT's a very beautiful song! Then that night we had our lesson with Monica and FINALLY taught her the Word of Wisdom because she is obsessed with coffee. But the lesson went very well, the spirit was very strong, and she committed to drinking one cup a day and then after Christmas completely cutting it cold turkey! :D She's on the path to baptism!!

Wednesday we had a YSA in our ward come out with us because she's working on her mission papers and is preparing for a mission! :) Her name is Sam and it was fun to be in a three-some for a bit! We had a very successful tracting day and talked with a lot of good people and gave out a lot of He Is The Gift cards! Then after we were done tracting we had dinner and then made cookies to deliver to some people who had been on our minds lately and to invite them to a Christmas concert that was happening in our stake. We delivered some cookies to that one lady Suzanne who is Methodist and from Canada and was so nice! The one where I mentioned we "feast upon the words of Christ" ;) ha but she invited us in and we had cake and hot apple cider and she was so happy we visited! She is going back to Canada to see her family for the holidays and so she couldn't go to the concert, but we were glad we caught her before she left! then we also delivered some to the Disney Princess, Jacquie, who isn't interested any more in the church, but we still have a great relationship with her and hope eventually her heart might soften so we could teach her again.

Thursday was the food bank again! And we went with the same members who came with us last week and then they took us to lunch at Praise the Lard! haha Since Christmas is coming up too, the food bank had certain days they needed volunteers to sign up for, so since they are closed next Thursday which is Christmas, we signed up for this Friday the 19th to volunteer a little extra hours and help them prepare for their Christmas food boxes they hand out. So we're excited for that too cuz we'll be outside visiting and helping the people again like we did around Thanksgiving! :) Anyway so then we tracted and BIKED that day.... which was such a cold day, it was torture! :( haha the humid cold really is worse than dry cold! But it was a good tracting day again. Still no new investigators though, but we'll get some soon!

Friday was a basic day, tracted a ton that day though! Got a lot of contacts and gave a lot of cards out. And then for dinner, Sister Watkins took us out to Jimmy Johns and we helped her wrap some presents :) even though I'm a missionary right now I'm grateful for the little things I've been able to do to make it feel more like Christmas! Then Saturday was a rough day! we tried to stop in on a potential investigator to have a lesson with her but she wasn't there. Then we had a recent convert lesson cancel on us that day and then our appointment to teach Maddie and Joel got cancelled as well! :( We did go and visit a lady with cancer though and gave her goodies and we had a new member lesson with a recent convert and her family as well. So some things went well and then others did not! But we tracted a lot again and even gave out a Book of Mormon to a guy who was very sincere and nice! :) we hope he might contact us.

Sunday was fun cuz we got to go to Primary the second hour and help a member out with a special thing she was doing. It's called their "Hastening the Work" activity and the missionaries are invited in to sing with the kids and answer questions and stuff, it was fun! And then we went to young womens third hour to sing the song! And it went beautifully :) It was awesome being able to go back to primary and YW again though!! Haha And then of course we visit members that day and the members here are so awesome, we're hoping that we can get some referrals from some soon though!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Christmas is almost here so I hope you're all preparing but also making the time to spend time with family and read scriptures and remembering what the true meaning is :) Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support, I appreciate it so much! Love you all!

Love, Sister Davenport

Yes, in the photo below, Santa is holding a Book of Mormon

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