Sunday, January 25, 2015

12/29/2015 In Which ShelbyPooh's First Companion gets Transferred!

Well y'all..... we got some terrible news this mornin :( Prepare yourselves. So President Bennion calls this morning and talks to Sister Perrins.... She's getting transferred. No joke. To a place called Woodstock. Yeah. What happened is one of my dear friends from the MTC is going home :/ So she was in my district here in Georgia, along with at the MTC, so it's an emergency transfer since her companion needs someone else now that she's going home and so Sister Perrins is talking this other Sister's place while that Sister comes here to my district to be the new companion. Make sense? Ha Sister Perrins is going to be a Sister Training Leader in Woodstock. But honestly.... WE ARE SO SAD!!!!!!! :( :( :( Technically I'm not done with training, I have a few weeks left!! So I won't be the "senior" companion as we call it but I'm definitely going to have to take the lead in Suwanee with my new companion, who I don't know who it is yet, and help her get adjusted here. Crazy right?!?!? I don't know what the Lord has in store, but we gotta trust Him. So.... I'm freaking out a little bit, but I know this is supposed to happen. I'm going to miss Sister P so much :( My trainer is leaving me on Wednesday!!!.... But anyway... onto brighter and happier subjects.... my fantastic Christmas week!

I'm running out of time this week cuz we've gotta do a lot today since Sister Perrins is leaving at the last minute. So this might be a shorter one! We met a lot more potential investigators this week! Since it was Christmas, I feel like everyone was a little nicer and more open haha So we have a few more people that we're planning on following up with and feel like they might get somewhere!!! Which is awesome, we need more investigators!!! Christmas eve we followed up with this one guy, Colin, who we met and had a great discussion with at his door and gave him a Book of Mormon. He said his family was very sick and caught the flu, and it was Christmas Eve, but he said he'd love for us to stop by again and talk with him! :D So Christmas Eve night was fun though, we went over to the Nilsson family's house and helped Sister Nilsson prepare some traditional Swedish food and then we reenacted Christ's birth from Luke in the Bible with the kids and they loved it and we had so much fun! :) Then we went over to a members and had a very good meal and she gave us a hand-knitted scarf! Its so beautiful and soft and thick, so perfect for the upcoming cold weather season that Georgia will have apparently.... But then we went home and made some gingerbread houses that my wonderful family had sent to me! :) And we opened up some "Mormon Champagne" and read in Luke again and got in our Christmas pajamas and went to bed :) 

Then Christmas day was awesome! We got up at regular missionary time and opened up all our packages and presents!!!! I felt like a little girl, I was so excited!! :D haha It was a good morning and then we got semi-ready but stayed in our pjs and went to a members house for breakfast! Sister Watkins, who's house we went to, really likes to make the missionaries that serve in the ward their traditional breakfast items! So what I chose was my family's bacon wrapped tator-tots haha everyone loved them, they were soooo good! ;) then we opened more presents at her house! then we went and actually got ready and dressed and went to our investigator Monica's house to see her family and what they got! :) We helped one of her little girls put together a Barbie Dream House and it literally took 4 grown women to put it together haha it was a tough thing to assemble! then we shared a spiritual Christmas message and went to the next house! Ha we went over to the Johnson family's house and played a game called "Reverse Charades" and that was really fun and of course, shared a spiritual message with them :) Then we went over to the Mckenna family's house and they have a fun traditional game in their family where they put Christmas songs in a bowl and a bunch of musical instruments in a different bowl and you pick from each bowl and have to play that song with the instrument you picked and everyone has to guess the song!! It was really fun but really hard because no one really knows how to play these instruments they had very well haha I played the Accordion, which was interesting, for my first time and the Viola! I failed miserably but the game was very fun! ;)  Then we went over to the Garfield's house and had a little bit of dinner but by the time we got there it was almost time to Skype our FAMILIES!!! :D I couldn't eat I was so excited! Ha

Bro. Garfield had a way awesome set up in his house since he works from home and is very tech-y ha So I got to skype my family on a big flat screen basically :) I felt like I was in the room with them! It was so great to see them all and talk to them, I'm very grateful that we can Skype our families as missionaries out here. It really gave me a boost and helped me feel better about some things :) My family is the greatest! I enjoyed it so much and honestly can not wait until I get to do it again!!! Haha Then after we were done we stopped by one more house, the Bettes', to get another present. Seriously, everyone here in the ward loves the missionaries and gave us so much food, goodies, and presents it was insane! Haha but we are so grateful and love these people :) 

Friday and Saturday were kinda long days after that.... Me and Sister P felt like we had a "holiday hangover" goin for us... haha But we did get to role-play on our Bishop and our Stake President on the same night! So we got some good practice lessons in :) Ha then Sunday was a great day! It was our last Sunday with 11:00am church and now we're going to 1:00pm so that'll be fun I guess ha and we got to teach the Gospel Principles lesson this week, subbing for our ward mission leader who was out of town and the lesson went very well! After church we went tracting and basically tracted the United Nations haha we met a man who's African but lived in Seattle, where Sister Perrins is from basically, and he said he'd be interested in us coming back so we have an appointment with him on Saturday! Then we talked to a Ukrainian man who was pretty open and knew a family in our ward and we gave him a BOM! then we met a guy who had lived in Georgia his whole life, who wasn't interested, then we met a black man from Davenport, Iowa which was way cool! haha he was Baptist but very open and nice to us! Then we met a Colombian guy who wasn't interested but very nice, then an Indian women who wasn't Hindu surprisingly because there a lot of Hindus here, so she said to call her back in a month once she was done with school and said she'd be interested! So we met a lot of very nice people but they were from all over the world!!! Haha it was crazy!! But we felt great after and we hope these people will be solid and become new investigators :) 

So this week was very busy but very fun! Being a missionary around Christmas is pretty hard, but it's also very rewarding and a great time to be a missionary because the Lord blesses us and strengthens us in our hard times away from family and friends, but I've met so many incredible people and am glad to say that I definitely consider Georgia my temporary home and am so grateful for the people who have helped make it a great time for me! :) Next is the new year and I'm looking forward to 2015 to completely dedicated myself to missionary work to bring more people to the fold! Hope everyone has a great week and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :D 

Love, Sister Davenport 

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