Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/12/2015 In Which ShelbyPooh Goes to the Doctor

Hey y'all, how is everyone?! :D Week 4 is over and done with of my second transfer and then we have this week and then the next week which is transfers, and who knows what'll happen... I'm not quite sure!! Haha especially since we had this emergency transfer in the middle of this transfer, I don't know whether or not I'll stay in Suwanee :( I sure hope so! And with Sister Twogood cuz she's awesome!! And we've had so much success this week and our key indicators were awesome! :) Plus, we teach so well together and again, ward members give us great feedback with how well we do and say that we teach and are led by the Spirit so much, and that it is just so strong. So that makes me happy! :) We also had a doctor's visit this week.... But before y'all get all uptight don't worry, we're both okay. Keep reading. ;)

Last Monday was great, we played volleyball and basketball with some of the other sisters in our zone and it felt so great to get energy out and run around and play some sports! :) We have plans to do that again today and maybe go to the mall! :D Haha yay for sports and shopping! ;) Something cool though that happened last Monday night was that we were going to go stop in on a member who is just moving in. Little did we know that the house she was moving into was a less-active members home that me and Sister Perrins had tried to stop in on multiple times but no one was there. I thought I recognized the house but I wasn't sure... So we tried anyway and the less-active member named Vicci, answered the door and explained to us that that was her sister who just moved in! Her sister wasn't home but she invited us in anyway and we talked for a good hour. She became inactive a few years ago because her husband isn't a member and he doesn't want to go to church, and is kinda a hater, so she thought it'd just be easier. But the awesome thing is is that Vicci has such a strong testimony still!! We talked and the Spirit was so strong and she had tears in her eyes and it seemed like she would love to go to church, but something, and not just her husband, was holding her back. She is a wonderful lady though and has a great heart, but she even said that we could come back more to visit so we will see where that can lead to! 

Tuesday was a full day of tracting and trying to contact some other less-actives. We walked a lot that day haha and got lots of meaningful contacts :) Nothing too exciting though. And Wednesday was pretty much the same, we've just been trying to follow up with some potentials and get some tracting in. But we did actually find a lady who is originally from Mexico, her name is Aida, but we knocked on her door and she immediately recognized us and invited us into her home! She said she'd met some other Sister missionaries and they told her a little bit and gave her a Book of Mormon. So we kept talking about that but it eventually led into the Restoration and so we basically taught her the first lesson on our first visit! Haha it was great and we have a return appointment this week with her :) Then that night we had dinner at our investigator Monica's house and then had a lesson afterward. It was a pretty important lesson because we felt as if there shouldn't be any more procrastination with her getting baptized and me and Sister Perrins before she left, and now Sister Twogood, have all felt like January 17th was a great day for her to be baptized. She's so ready, but she just needs to have a few more lessons and an interview. So we told her that and committed her to that date, meaning this upcoming Saturday. And she said she'd pray about it but that she thinks that could be the date. So we were excited to FINALLY get somewhere with her for a date to be baptized. Well.... She still hasn't made up her mind but she did also have a meeting with our Bishop and he committed her to be done with coffee completely, so she got rid of it, and then how he thinks that she can be baptized on the 17th as well. We didn't hear anything from her about it, but a couple people from the ward yesterday at church told us that Monica was telling them that her and her daughter are going to be baptized next weekend!! So we are freaking out because it seems like it's going to happen this weekend... but she isn't letting us know for sure... it's kinda a weird situation right now. Ha and we have a ways to go before this saturday!! :/ but we know that if it's meant to happen, the Lord will provide everything in His timing and that everything will work out the way it needs to!!! 

Wow, sorry that was probably way confusing... Haha anyhoot, so then Thursday was our over 2 hours tracting with about 14 meaningful contacts day. We had a lot of success talking with people and handing out Books of Mormon that day! :) But then Friday we had to do weekly planning, and then had district meeting because we were also doing interviews with President that day. so it kinda threw everything off but that's okay! Then Sister Twogood had a doctor's appointment.... Fooled you guys right ;) Haha just kidding, but anyway so yeah it was Sister Twogood that needed to go to the doctor's. She's been having some weird chest pains and her ribs are constantly hurting her and it's hard for her to breathe sometimes, and this problem has been going on for a while. So the mission doctor suggested she went to the doctors office to see if they could find something. We were there for a couple hours, they did like 3 different tests and haven't found anything yet, but she has to go again this week for a couple more tests :/ it was a little crazy and disappointing because they still don't know what's going on. But I'm sure they'll find out eventually and she'll be fine :) she's been a real trooper. But it was weird at the doctor's because I was by myself in the room when they went to go do her tests.... and literally I haven't been alone or by myself for about 3 months!!! Hahaha not having a companion for an hour was really weird... ;) Anyway, weird/awkward/lonely moment of the week.

So Saturday we finished weekly planning and had a New Member Lesson with another recent convert. And Sunday we had a lot of meetings, church, and then went over to a member's house for dinner! We went to the Bettes' and Sister Bettes also invited her less-active brother and non-member sister-in-law as well. She really wanted us to give a good, uplifting spiritual message or discussion especially with them there and also cuz they are expecting a baby! Me and Sister Twogood felt really strongly to talk about God is our loving Heavenly Father, The Gospel blesses families, and the Pre-Earth life and the Creation. And basically we just had a discussion about those things and the spirit was so so strong!! Everyone was tearing up and bearing testimonies and it was just awesome. Sister Bette's was so appreciative of us with our message and her brother seemed very appreciative of us too and they seemed like they really felt the spirit. So it was a good feeling :) 

So that was my week, I hope everyone's has been good as well! I am grateful for everyone's support and love and prayers :) Hope you are all trying your best to make the Lord the center of your problems, your struggles, and even your best times :) I love you all! Have a great week and stay safe! 

Love, Sister Davenport 

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