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1/5/2015 In Which ShelbyPooh Meets Her New Companion

Alright friends.... y'all.... I survived my first 5 days sorta taking over Suwanee... Barely. Haha Wow, it's been stressful and hard! My new companion is Sister Twogood! She's from Kaysville Utah and has red hair and has been out 8 months! :) She is literally one of the nicest people I've ever met haha and one of those people that is literally genuinely nice. She's great! She has been very patient with me these past couple days because I feel like I've been a chicken with my head cut off wandering around without my trainer. :( Ha It's been a weird adjustment, I feel like I need to be attached at the hip of my trainer but... I realize that that isn't good and now I need to branch out and grow my own confidence... Haha No need to fret though! ;) The Lord is on our side! 

Monday night was good, we got a new investigator! Her name is Julia Johnson and she's the one from Ghana but grew up in England! We taught her the first lesson that night and she seemed very sincere and open and took a Book of Mormon and said she'd read and pray about it. The spirit was very strong and she has a slight Catholic background. She brought it up once before the lesson, saying that her beliefs and ours differ in some ways, but after the lesson she said something about being Catholic but wasn't comparing or saying that our message wasn't true so that was good! We're hoping to teach her again this week. 

So Tuesday was a pretty sad day. We had our last District meeting with Sister Perrins but other than that it was a really good meeting! Then we went to go visit some members briefly so that Sis. P could say bye to them. It all happened so quickly, so it was really hard for her especially to say goodbye to people! :( But we tracted a bit and stopped in on a couple other members... it was really funny though cuz we went over to the Chamber's house to do a practice lesson on them. And we hadn't told them that Sister Perrins was getting emergency transferred yet when all of a sudden Sis. Chambers said, "Ya know, it was really weird. But I had a dream about you guys last night and you had both gotten transferred and I was so sad and the other Sisters came in and they were so rotten and I just didn't like them! It was so weird..." And so THAT'S when we knew we should tell them about what was happening hahaha but it was the funniest thing! And everyone already loves Sister Twogood, plus I'm still here so there really isn't a problem ;)  

Then Wednesday we continued to say bye to members, cuz we didn't have to transfer until 2pm, and then we had a small lesson with our investigator Monica. She took it especially hard because Sis. P was the one to first start teaching her and they had a very strong bond. So we didn't get much done lesson wise ha but it was a sad but good goodbye. We are still going to continue to teach her obviously, and are hoping that getting her motivated to see Sister Perrins again when she gets baptized will help her commit to a date!! ;) Cuz she'll be able to come when Monica gets baptized! So we'll see! Then we transferred at the church and I had to say my final goodbye to my trainer :'( it was really sad!!! Haha but it's all good, life goes on I guess. Then rest of the day we tracted and stopped in on members and did a couple practice lessons and got really great feedback! I'll get to what it is in a minute... But then for New Years Eve we went over to a members house to have Chinese Food and then played Minute to Win It games the rest of the night!! ;) It was very fun and funny then we had to go home at 9:00pm and just went to bed. Haha not much excitement for me this year, but I was definitely tired after a crazy day! 

So Thursday we mostly just tracted and tried to stop in on members to introduce them to Sis. Twogood. and that day we tracted for about 3 hours and talked to SO many people haha that was our trial-run for me taking over Suwanee and trying to get things figured out and what we should do and what not ;) "When in doubt, tract it out" as my trainer always said.... Hahaha It was a crazy, long day! Friday was also long and a little stressful cuz that's when we do weekly planning and as much as I took the lead on it when I was being trained, I always had Sis. P to help me and have my back when I wasn't sure what to do on a certain day or if I forgot something we were going to do. And don't get me wrong, it's not Sis. Twogood's fault, she just got here and doesn't know the area well enough yet or the members so it was hard to try to plan everything for the next week! But somehow we did it and so we're hoping this week's plans go well.... :/ Wish us luck and say lots of prayers for us! Ha But we did have exchanges too on Friday so we exchanged and I again stayed in Suwanee with Sister Davis! That was fun, we did a couple more member stop-ins and practice lessons, getting us prepared to teach our investigators this next week. A member also got pizza delivered to our apartment that night so it was good to get to know Sister Davis and she is our Sister Training Leader so we talked about some other things and the area and our investigators too and decided to do a Zone fast with all the Sisters for everyone's investigators yesterday! 

It was great too because during exchanges I got to drive for my first time being in Georgia!!! :D It felt soooo great, I felt like I hadn't driven in.... 2 months!! Haha sis. Davis' licence expired out here so I got to drive! Anyway so then Saturday morning we stopped in on a potential and she gave us a time to come back to teach this week! So we're hoping for another new investigator :) Then we exchanged back and went tracting again for the rest of the night haha I just gotta keep telling myself sometimes that we're being obedient and that there is someone prepared who we will talk to.... cuz sometimes it isn't that easy to think that way when you tract all the time ;) :/ ha but then we had a very nice dinner with the Tomberlin's and bonded really well with them, their family is mostly from Hawaii so they all have really cool names and me and one of their daughters who is 13, bonded over Vampire Diaries cuz she had a necklace on that is from the show! ;) Hahaha I miss that show so much but it was really cool and funny to talk to her and get to know her! She also reminded me of my little sister Taylor at home :) (hi Tay!)

Yesterday our church started at 1pm for the new year and so that's kinda weird but nice at the same time! In the mornings we can now do our studies and then we go to our meetings, then church, then only go out for an hour or two and then have dinner! Ha So we had dinner and then did some less-active stop-ins and weren't really successful but we are planning on doing a lot of that this week as well! We want to try to get to know the less-actives in this ward and try to help them as much as we can and if they are willing! So.... that was my week in a nut-shell. Haha I always feel like after I'm done with my big emails that they are really jumbled and probably confusing so I apologize if all of this doesn't make sense :/ But I hope everyone had a great New Year's celebration and that you've all made some really great goals you can accomplish this year! A commitment we've been leaving with members is to try to rely more on the Savior, even for the little goals we make. For the times where we think we haven't accomplished much or feel like we never can, or for those big dreams that you have, always turn to Him. He's there for us for ANYTHING and always will be! Aspire to make Him the center of your year :) because with Him we can do all things. So I challenge everyone to do that and make Him the priority and the one you turn to very very first. You will be blessed because of it :) I am striving to do the exact same thing as a missionary this year, so I hope it goes well for all of you! Have a great week everyone! Love you all!! 

Love, Sister Davenport 

Me and Sis. Perrins on our last night together... we went to Suwanee Town Center and took pics by the Christmas tree they have up! :) 

They even had fake snow falling by the tree!! (it was really bubbles! We loved it!)

The text about the emergency transfer... the assistants told our district leader that it was the truth and that it was really happening. :( (sobs)

Last District pic with Sis. P! 

Us and the Ketchem family, aka our Filipino Momma and her family! :) 

Me completing my training, early technically, and so I got a certificate from my trainer! ;)

Our last selfie.... :'( I LOVE SISTER PERRINS!!!! 

Me and my new Comp. Sister Twogood! :) 

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