Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/20/2015 In Which ShelbyPooh's Pday is on Tuesday

Hello everybody, it's so good to be emailing! Yesterday was a holiday so President wanted to make it a proselyting day so today is our Pday! :) It's kinda weird, it through off some things ha and literally me and Sister Twogood were so tired by yesterday... Pdays are much needed!! Haha you get physically and spiritually EXHAUSTED. It's crazy! But last week was pretty good! No baptism, Monica decided it was a little too fast paced last week but said that one more full week and she'd feel prepared and ready to be baptized! So this Saturday, it's happening!! :D 

So last Monday was pretty interesting... We went out to dinner with our investigators Maddie and Joel. They are the Christian/baptist young married couple who the sister missionaries have been teaching and seeing since about August. We thought that maybe they had dropped us when Sister Perrins got transferred haha but they finally got back to us and invited out to dinner. So we went to a pizza place and me and Sis. Twogood felt good about just getting to know them, talking about random things, nothing doctrinal or gospel related brought up, but just go out as friends! Well once we were finished I felt pretty good about sharing a non-threatening scripture with them from the Book of Mormon. Now again, these two have had many issues with the LDS church and many questions and have just been tough investigators. I shared Ether 12:27 with them, thinking it would be fine and a good message about how through Christ, He can make our weaknesses become strengths, and they have great faith in Christ. when out of no where Joel just starts this discussion/bash about how we believe that we're saved by grace but have to do works to get into heaven and all this other stuff! So literally it turned into a big heated discussion, and I have never been so bold in my life. Haha we were asking very inspired questions and we just kept going back and forth as to what each of us believes. It's never really a bad argument but man was it getting kinda heated :/ Finally we felt like we should ask them if they'd be interested in doing a church-swap. Meaning, we would go to our church if they came to ours. We've been trying to get them to come to our church but they've resisted. But.... they accepted the invitation to do the church-swap, thinking this could be good for us too to see what they believe and see if we can benefit from it too. Which we're okay with, we know that them coming to church will help them receive revelation and get answers to prayers but man.... it's been a tough, long, complicated few months with these investigators!! Honestly, I'm kinda worried and scared to go to a Baptist Church hahaha It's a rock concert!! It'll be interesting... hopefully we won't be called out and told we're going to Hell.... :3 so that's happening next Sunday. Also it's perfect cuz Monica and her daughter will be confirmed as well. The Spirit will be so strong. That's all. 

Anyway I'm kinda running out of time and basically on Tuesday we went to Zone Meeting which was great, and then went to go contact a referral from another missionary that Sister Twogood knew that used to live here, and he was basically anti'd but he said he might consider coming to the church once just because we were pretty girls. So yeah..... that was weird. Ha So then we've just been teaching Monica lessons and getting her and Maddie, her daughter, prepared for this weekend! Something sad that's happening though is that Monica's Aunt, Cheri, who is a member and part of the ward, has been battling uterine cancer for a while. She was doing pretty well and reacting well to the chemo, but only suddenly has been really struggling and her body is reacting the same way :/ It's gotten a lot worse and they only think she'll be here for a little longer. It's very sad, I've grown to love Cheri and she is so strong and has been a wonderful example and influence to Monica. It will be very hard to see her go, we don't know when that'll be, but it's given Monica a little push and that motivation to get baptized which we are so grateful for. It's been so long for Monica too, and now that it's happening, it'll bless her and her family sooo much. It's been quite a journey with her but I'm so glad I've been a part of it and have actually gotten to teach Monica and get her here to this point :) 

We stopped in on a lot of less-actives this week too, with not much luck in getting them to come to church again haha but we are definitely going to be working on that a lot this next transfer! We also got to go to Institute with the YSA this week, cuz we are over the YSA in the Stake as well, and we got to go to a wonderful fireside that our Bishop put together on Sunday night. OH! Goodness, by the way... I'm staying in Suwanee :) Haha me and Sis. Twogood get to be together for another transfer! :) Which is awesome, we work really well together, and teach by the Spirit and it's always so strong. Also I'm technically not a "new missionary" anymore ;) Haha I'm done with training! It feels great!! I'm a REAL missionary now. 

So anyhoot, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life :) This week will be an exciting one here in Suwanee Georgia! I'm grateful for everyone's support and prayers. I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week! Stay safe and be good ;) Pray for missionary opportunities and spread the Gospel! 

Love, Sister Davenport  

Me and Sister Johns at Zone Meeting... Love her! :) And so glad I got to see her often! 

Me and Sister Twogood, ya know, takin selfies ;) 

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